Weed War Origin Heavily Racist

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    Weed War Origin Heavily Racist

    [​IMG][​IMG]...but was it secretly a NAZI plot?

    WWI-WWII Government Document Trove Discovered at PSU Library Hints at Sinister Deception

    The State of Hawaii recently banned official use of the word “mari-uana,” replacing it with the botanical term “cannabis” instead, owing to past racism associated with the old word. When the State’s legislators passed the bill, however, they may have only been partially aware of exactly how racist the first cannabis bans really were.

    Recently re-examined US Treasury and State Department archives, stolen from Uncle Sam by a career civil servant in the 1960s, suggest a link between Reefer Madness architects and enemy German espionage agents from the WWI and II-eras.

    The stolen documents are the archives of cannabis Prohibition architect Harry J. Anslinger, who inexplicably took his office’s government documents and physical items home with him after being fired by President John F. Kennedy in 1963 after a career of more than 30 years. The papers were relegated to the archival record room of Penn State University upon Anslinger’s death as per his will, though they are in fact Treasury and State Department (i.e. public)

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