Regulations to Observe Following Weed Legalization in California

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    Marijuana is now legal in California. It is legal to trade and use marijuana but there are few laws and regulations that need to be keep in mind. If you know this you don't have the risk of going to the wrong side. However the new rule and regulation are put in place to have a better management and control on the marijuana. Here we have listed few of these

    You can only buy marijuana from a licenced marijuana dealer with effect from 1st jan. Following that you should be atleast 21 years of age to use it for recreational purpose. For medical use the patients need to have a valid marijuana card.

    Any Adult of 21 years or more can order marijuana online for recreational use. This type of freedom never enjoyed before.

    You cannot smoke weed in public. According to the new laws if you caught smoking you should be slapped with a fine of of $100.

    Nerver smoke weed while driving. Police are allowed to carry out sobriety test follwing which if you caught you should be jailed.

    You can grow marijuana in you vicinity for persnal use. but you are not allowed to plant more than 6 plants and any activity violating this should be considered as commercial activity. ............... continue reading

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