Meds I Use!

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    These are my favorite meds for my health.. The older you are the better these will benefit you! Do your due diligence and research it..

    Diatomaceous Earth... You will feel better after about 5 days.. Your nails and hair will grow stronger and thicker.. It is extremely effective for removing metals and toxins.. Very cheap for under 15 dollars you will have enough for years.. Cheapest and most effective thing I use...
    Click HERE to see what I have - I know this product works..

    Carbon-60 or C60
    Destroys free radicals - nano particle that repairs cells by giving up one of its electrons that was stolen by free radicals.. Excellent product - may be too expensive for some? 60 bucks or so for a 45 day supply? Price may prevent you from taking daily...


    I also use Cannabis.. only at bedtime - edible plus a couple puffs of a vape pen.. I can't use it during the day as it screws me up and I get nothing done.. I get it legally in MN


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